Hokkaido is proud of its freshness.
Genghis Khan in Niseko!



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Hand-cut" raw Genghis Khan served with craftsmanship!

Fresh lamb jingisukan cut by hand by a butcher is recommended! Our chefs cut the lamb by hand every day! You can enjoy the fresh taste. This year, we also offer Shiraoi Beef, the best beef in Hokkaido!

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Genghis Khan is packed with flavor!

The fresher the fish is, the more tender it is, and the more you chew it, the more flavorful it overflows. It is delicious without any smell. Recommended for those who have never tried Genghis Khan before!

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A drink to go with Genghis Khan!

We offer a variety of drinks unique to Hokkaido, including the nationally known Sapporo Classic, Niseko's sake, and craft beers!

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For dates and families!

The warm wooden space can be used for a variety of occasions. Groups are welcome, so please feel free to contact us for more information! Parking space for up to 10 cars.

Hand-cut by artisans with a special attention to detail
Specializing in the finest Genghis Khan

The reopening of business is
April 27-May 5

A genuine Jingisukan restaurant in the style of a mountain lodge, located halfway up Hirafu Hill.
We recommend the fresh lamb shoulder that is hand-cut by artisans.

A variety of Shiraoi beef, the pride of Hokkaido, is also available.
Please enjoy Genghis Khan, Wagyu beef and Sapporo beer.


Lamb meat is characterized by its tenderness and lack of peculiarities due to the fact that it is a young lamb. The lineup includes the shoulder loin, a standard part of Genghis Khan, as well as the slightly more unusual tongue. Vegetables to be grilled together with the lamb are also available, including those grown in Hokkaido and those in season now.


Sapporo Classic" is the most popular beer in Hokkaido. Its fine bubbles and drinkability make it an unforgettable product. We also have Sapporo's craft beer "Sorachi Beer"! This beer is characterized by its fruity aroma and moderate bitterness. Of course, both beers go well with Genghis Khan!

Store interior and space

The wood-grained interior allows you to feel the warmth of nature even though you are indoors, and you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoors. There are counter seats and table seats, and a private room with a partition in the back. Enjoy delicious Genghis Khan in an adult casual atmosphere.

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